Animas Fly Casting

Calling all anglers, fly casting has returned to Animas River Days! This will be an accuracy based event where competitors will have 3 minutes to attempt 5 land-based targets. Targets will be assigned individual point values based on difficulty with the highest scores finding their way to the podium! Format and Rules: - Rods, reels, leader and line will be provided for all competitors. If individual equipment is preferred, 9' 5wt rods will be allowed with a competition reel. - Targets will be set the day of the event, no "practice casts" will be allowed on the course. - Competitors will be given 1.5 minutes to adjust their line before time starts. - Anglers will attempt each target three times within a 3 minute time limit, with point values being applied for each successful cast. -When the fly lands within and/or on the edge of any ring/target, it is considered an achieved target. -The first place the fly hits the ground will be judged, not bounced, shifted and/or moved casts. - In the event of a tied podium score (1st, 2nd or 3rd place), the tied competitors and those within podium standing may be placed in a finals round at the discretion of event organizers.

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Price: $25.00