Kayak Freestyle

Big waves and big tricks, the Animas River Days Freestyle Kayak Competition features many of the sport’s top athletes. Durango is home to one of the country’s best whitewater parks and never fails to disappoint. Athletes in each division will compete in a jam session format in an assigned start order. Only athletes within the division will be allowed in the eddy during competition. Each competitor will have 30 seconds to show the judges their best tricks in the assigned wave. If you flush, you lose that turn and it moves to the next competitor. The competitors will keep taking turns until the end of the heat, signaled by judges. All athletes will receive the same number of turns in the hole. Point values will be assigned to each unique trick and a cumulative score will be calculated per athlete at the end of each heat. Mandatory Equipment: PDF, Whitewater Helmet, Paddling attire, protective footwear. All athletes must attend the mandatory safety minute 15 mintues prior to the start of the event. Course: The final location of the competition wave will be selected by the Race Coordinator based on flow conditions the day of the event. Smelter Wave at the mid-point of the whitewater park is the preferred location for adult classes. Juniors have the options of competing on the clock tower waver (bottom of the WW park) or on smelter wave with the adult classes.

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Price: $25.00