Raft Slalom

It’s time for Durango’s local raft teams and amateurs alike to strut their stuff! Teams of 4 rafters (no oar rigs permitted) will compete in a slalom course of 8-14 upriver and downriver gates through the whitewater park. Each team will be allowed two runs, with the faster run used to determine placement. Practice runs once the slalom course is set will result in disqualification. One bib will be provided per team at registration, to be worth by the athlete sitting in the front left position. Judgement of the race will be run per International Rafting Federation rules. Full rules may be found at http://www.internationalrafting.com/events-2/race-rules/. Teams are responsible for supplying their own rafts, 14’ boats are recommended but other sizes will be allowed. All team members will be required to wear a PFD, appropriate river footwear, and a helmet. Rafts are also required to have a throw bag, additional shore and kayak safety will be one site. A course walk thru with the race coordinator will be conducted at the time of the pre-race meeting to explain course and penalty rules. Fastest time after penalty calculations wins! Rules and Penalty Overview: Five second penalty: if a gate is touched with any part of the body, equipment, paddle or raft. Reeated touching of the same (or both( gates poles is only penalized once. Fifty second penalty: 1. If the finish line is crossed without all Team Members in the raft. 2. For each gate that is negotiated without all Team Members in the raft. 3. For each gate the raft passes upside down through the gate. 4. For each gate where the whole head of each Team Member does not cross the gate line during a negotiation attempt. 5. For each gate where a Team Member's whole head crosses the gate line in the wrong direction. 6. For each gate that is not negotiated before a higher numbered gate is negotiated or the finish line is crossed. 7. For the intentional displacement of a pole to allow the negotiation of a gate. Intentional displacement is defined as pushing a pole with an abnormal or unexpected action (for example with a paddle or body motion), so that a Team Member is able to negotiate the gate when they are not in a position to do so.

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Price: $100.00